What is the success rate of root canal therapy?

 The success rate of a root canal is measured by the number of patients who weren’t in pain or discomfort at their final follow-up, which can be anywhere from three months to three years.

The success rate for endodontic therapy ranges from 85% to 99%, depending on the technique and clinician performing the procedure.

The success rate of root canal therapy can vary depending on the type of tooth (root) that needs a root canal. The success rate is also dependent on the severity of the dental disease.

Root canal treatment procedures are more successful in teeth with less severe dental disease and when a tooth contains one impacted root.

How often does a root canal therapy fail?

Root canal therapy is when the canals in the tooth are cleaned out and shaped to keep them from hurting or causing other problems.

Root canal therapy is done for many reasons, most often to relieve pain. It is also done to stop an infection. Root canal therapy is one of the most commonly performed treatments in dentistry. The treatment itself can be performed in two ways, either as a surgical procedure or with an endodontic technique.

Endodontic therapy is by far the more popular option and it's generally successful. The success rates for endodontic therapy are among the highest for any dental procedure, around 98%.

A root canal therapy will fail if it was not performed correctly, not completed completely, or if the patient doesn’t take care of their teeth.

Many factors can contribute to a root canal therapy failure such as improper diagnosis, lack of follow-up care, lack of oral hygiene, and medication use.

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